YoJ was first conceived in 2010 between the white walls of Laura Strambi’s showroom-lab in Milan.
Its style is ambitious and determined: because the choice of a garment is an expression of personality, taste, style and functionality, and much more besides. Dressing and dreaming can be an act of awareness and mindfulness: towards the environment and the people who inhabit it, the future.
YoJ creates outerwear, high quality garments and accessories endowed with an unmistakeable look, totally eco-sustainable and responsible, entirely Made in Italy.
The materials used in their production are alpaca, mohair, cotton and fibres of the lowest possible environmental impact. Some garments are made up in innovative fabrics, fruit of sustainable processes, which offer a second life to objects otherwise destined to be discarded, with a consequent impact on pollution.
YoJ works with suppliers attentive to safeguarding the environment and offering pleasant working conditions to their employees. Even down to the price tags and labels it uses.
The brand is contrary to any form of fanaticism or extremism, radicalization or inequality. What it does believe in is participation, in the little things we all do every day, which can make the world a better place. Now, and in the future.
For this reason, it also collaborates with entities committed to fighting inequality, to safeguarding and using environmental resources responsibly.
For some time now, YoJ research has been going in the direction of promoting a responsible attitude towards people and the planet.
We are aware and mindful of the primary importance of people, the renewability of energy sources and the control over material production. These concepts need to find natural solutions, also with the correct support of science, and the applications that are increasingly part of our everyday lives. We use nothing but materials produced in a way that is respectful of human relationships, organically produced fibres and second-life fabrics deriving from innovative and virtuous regeneration processes, and only low-impact azo-free colours.
Each garment of the collection is a cruelty-free “one-off piece”, entirely hand-made in each phase of the process: design, cut, construction and dyeing. These innovative processes manage to combine durability and comfort, heat insulation and water resistance.
YoJ is a universal language for cool and mindful streetwear, translated into transformable garments for use on all sorts of different occasions. Responsible creativity. With passion and with nature, for people.

Simply #madebyhearth.