The Sorelle Seclì style is born to dress a true and conscious woman of her femininity, which is not lost in an attempt to realize a stereotype of femininity and beauty dictated by society, but which, on the contrary, expresses her identity with great certainty.
She is a sophisticated woman in search of bosses that shape her passion for exclusivity and her ability to appreciate those precious details that make the difference.
She is a woman who seduces through taste and refinement, but when she is in need, she can be ironic with herself and play with her own image because she has an eclectic soul and she loves being fashionable.

Exclusively Italian fabrics, combined with sophisticated construction, lines, and details, make Sorelle Seclì the perfect answer to the demands of a female audience looking for a unique personal style, with glamorous, soft, enveloping glamorous dresses and absolute attention to detail. High technology combines with a skilled craftsmanship in a production process that is all Made in Italy. Made in Italy, style and fit represent the Sorelle Seclì world.

Sorelle Seclì was born in SPS Manifatture, a wholly-owned salentine woman, born in 2001 by the vision of her sisters Sabrina and Pamela Seclì.