CIRCLED is an idea signed by the artist Massimo Salvoni, in partnership with Margherita Minuti.
This t-shirts collection, called “Incipit”, comes from the need to find an imaginary identity nestled into a multitude of colours, where we can recognize ourselves, creating a big circle, a big eye.
They are a place where we can give shape to our thoughts and feelings.
Starting from a simple piece of clothing, the idea grows bigger and turns the garment into a container of ideas to guard as a fetish.
The circle finds its philosophic and scientific origins in ancient times. Nowadays, the original idea of this perfect shape has been well developed and represented in its infinite varieties. In the late 1950’s, Kenneth Noland, an exponent of the artistic movements of abstract expressionism and minimalism, started to paint round shapes on canvas.
Inspired by this experience, thanks to new fabric assembly techniques and the re-elaboration of new colour combinations, this interesting shape is transferred onto t-shirts.
The first twelve circled compositions come from some alchemies in the plumage of birds and from other colour combinations in nature, elaborated and integrated with a pictorial contribute.
This is how CIRCLED be different™ is born.